Hi, I'm Jonah

Freelance full-stack developer

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About me

I'm a freelancing full stack developer. I love working with computers, especially programming and computer security. If you'd like to hire me to make you a website or some other project please contact me.

Web Development

I'm great at creating beautiful and responsive websites, just like this one. I can create anything from a static landing page to an interactive control panel.

Full-stack Software Developer

I'm highly experienced in Node.js, HTML, and CSS. I also understand how to use tools like Git as well as configuring servers.


I have a deep understanding of what makes a design stand out, whether that be a user interface or a logo, or anything in between.

Website Development

If you or your organization needs a website, feel free to contact me. I can also provide hosting, search engine optimization, and configuration of a content management system.

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